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9th-19th June 2016

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Beyond Epilepsy is delighted to present the exhibition ‘Beyond Epilepsy : Art & History Exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, in conjunction with Glasgow Science Festival 2016.

Do you know what causes a seizure? What it feels like? How it affects people’s lives? Around 1 in 100 people in the UK has epilepsy.

Beyond Epilepsy is working with Glasgow Science Festival 2016 to ask whether a greater understanding of the brain has led to more understanding in society as a whole.  This project  aims to be a platform for artists, not only promoting disabilities, but also artists with disabilities.

Beyond Epilepsy is a collaborative community project and are recipients of the prestigious Magnus Magnusson Award at GCU. The project has grown to include six well-established and newly graduated artists so also have personal experience with epilepsy.  We have developed a close working relationship with Epilepsy Scotland, the largest Scottish charity for people with epilepsy.

Beyond Epilepsy Exhibition

  • Part of Glasgow Science Festival 2016, Beyond Epilepsy Exhibition explores experiences and challenges faced by people with epilepsy through visual art.
  • The exhibition also provides historical background of the changing responses of society towards people with epilepsy from the Greeks to the present day.  
  • Through its use of visual art and history, the exhibition aims to challenge current misconceptions and stigma and raise awareness and increase engagement with the community.
  • The exhibition will feature paintings, drawings and photographs from Scottish based artists, some of whom have personal experience of epilepsy.

Contributors include: Scottish-based artists Moyra Campbell, Margaret Mitchell, Siobhan Scott, Gemma Travers, Sharon Thomas and Olivia Vitazkova, and historians Rachel Hewitt, Simon Walker, Jennifer Farquharson and Axelle Champion.  



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